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Jennifer Eichenberg

Change is hard for everyone—even when the change is positive or long overdue. Organizations ask their employees to change quite frequently. Sometimes it is a small change and other times it may be a transformational one. My role is to help move people along on the journey so that when the change happens, people are ready—they know why they are doing it, what to do, how to do it and when to do it.

Not all change initiatives go flawlessly. Yet, I have two decades of expertise and experience to make it go smoother than if I’m not involved. This means the organization gets to their rate of adoption quicker, equating to money saved, clients serviced faster, and a host of other benefits.

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Founding Mission

Easy Adoption

Eichenberg & Associates offer a full range of change management tools that organizations need to implement a successful transition — and maintain it.

Whether or not people like change, they’re constantly facing it. Individuals adapt for the better when they are provided value, tools, a consistent change process, transparent communication, coaching and empowerment to make it happen.

Your Goals Are Our Goals

Making Change Happen

Lasting, beneficial change happens when the entire organization is committed to experiencing the journey together. But let’s face it, change can be timely, costly, and often ineffective without proper guidance, messaging, training, and planning.

With no fear of insider pushback, we empower your organization to take the necessary steps to move a change initiative from just an idea to a reality. Our team helps you cover all the bases, ensuring leaders have a comprehensive understanding of the plan and everyone feels included in the process.

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No matter what change your company is going through, we can help. Let’s talk about how Eichenberg & Associates can be a great fit for your team.