Making Positive and Lasting Change

Eichenberg & Associates provide a better experience for your team using a hands-on, practical approach that has proven effective across organizations. Through training, open communication, and team empowerment, Eichenberg & Associates guides organizations through effective, lasting change and transition.

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Seamless Change Management

Eichenberg & Associates are experts in transformational change management. From overcoming change barriers to instituting change measurement, and in supporting your consistent change methodology, Eichenberg & Associates’ process is seamless.

Eichenberg & Associates services can meet your needs on a variety of levels.

Advisory Sessions

Advising Leaders

In most cases, leaders are driving change in their organizations, but they cannot do it all themselves. They need to delegate change tasks to others on their team.

Through monthly, one-on-one advisory sessions with Eichenberg & Associates experienced practitioners; leaders are guided on everything from being a change sponsor, addressing challenges in their organizations, fostering accountability for change, and overcoming obstacles of leading their team through change.

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Professional Consultation

Change Consulting

When you do not have the expertise or bandwidth to design the change journey and then lead it, you can count on the team at Eichenberg & Associates. Our professionals help you cover all the bases, ensuring leaders have a comprehensive understanding of the plan and everyone feels included in the process. Eichenberg & Associates practitioners will manage every aspect of the change process.

  • Complete a change assessment
  • Create change communications for each phase of change
  • Identify and provide the needed training
  • Pinpoint key components of sustaining the change
  • Oversee project management

Most importantly, Eichenberg & Associates is your single point of accountability for the entire change journey.

Team Training

Training for Change Agents and Sponsors

The saying, “You don’t know what you don’t know” may be highly descriptive for leaders taking their organizations through change. Eichenberg & Associates offers distinct training for executives, leaders and change teams.

Let Eichenberg & Associates help ramp up your organizational change effort by helping your team learn more about the change process, what takes place during each stage, possible pitfalls to avoid, and defining roles and expectations. You will find that the time spent in this training will produce positive results.

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Evaluation and Analysis

Post-Change Evaluation and Analysis

Change can be timely, costly, and often ineffective without proper guidance, messaging, training, and planning. If your organization has recently completed a change, there is a tremendous opportunity to learn so that the next change will go even better. This is even more critical if there were missteps or challenges along the change journey.

The Eichenberg & Associates team will comprehensively analyze and evaluate a recent change. You will be armed with insights, best practices, and strategies for improvement so that the next change will be seamless, from start to finish

Start Your Change Today

No matter what change your company is going through Let’s talk about how Eichenberg & Associates can help and be a great fit for your team.